Student Contact Card - Qty 250

$ 35.00

Currently enrolled Roseman University students in good standing may purchase contact cards with the University informal RU logo through the Marketing Office. All proceeds from the sale of student contact cards will benefit Roseman University’s general scholarship fund.

Roseman University does not allow student contact or business cards (with any University logo) to be made outside of this program.

All orders for contact cards must be made through the Roseman University online store, which requires pre-payment and submission of required contact details.

The contact cards for the College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing and MBA program will contain the student's name and contact information, such as home phone number, cell phone number, and Roseman-assigned student email address. The contact cards for College of Dental Medicine students may only contain the student’s name, clinic phone number and student email address. A University campus address or personal address will not be permitted.

The Marketing Office will provide students with an electronic proof of the contact card for verification that all the information on the contact card is correct before the order will be printed. Failure to respond with verification within five (5) working days will cause a delay in order and delivery, and may result in order cancellation and a full refund. Once verified, printing and shipment typically takes approximately two (2) weeks.

Students are not required to purchase or use contact cards with the Roseman University logo, and Roseman University is not responsible for the disclosure of student contact information included on such cards. Students must agree that they will cease using these contact cards if they discontinue their studies at Roseman University for any reason.